Effective Altruism Brussels
Doing good better

Effective Altruism Brussels is a local group that falls under Effective Altruism Belgium. We have monthly social meetups that you can participate in. These are announced in our Facebook group. Everyone is welcome!
We hope to hold more specific events/talks/workshops in the future.

Code of conduct
We want to create a welcoming environment for everyone and foster a place where everyone is respected. We strive to be empathetic, considerate, and respectful as a community. We encourage the exchange of opinions and ideas and welcome constructive disagreement, but we do not tolerate insults or personal attacks. We do not accept any form of discrimination or exclusion (for example, based on race, ethnic or social origin, gender, language, religion or belief, political opinion, disability, age, or sexual orientation). We do not tolerate harassment of others, such as bullying or unwelcome sexual attention. If you find yourself experiencing any harassment, you’re welcome to report it to CEA’s Community health team (anonymously is possible) or an EA Brussels group coordinator:
Lara La Barbera: laralab [at] live [dot] it
Jeroen Willems: jeroen [at] eabrussels [dot] org, or anonymous: http://admonymous.co/jeroen_w

If you have questions about EABrussels, you can contact Jeroen Willems at jeroen@eabrussels.org or mobile number +32 499 40 14 27.
For general information, contact us at info@eabelgium.org
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